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Olivia + Adjectives

She is terrific. J.J. has this, I don’t know, like, uncanny knack for casting women. It’s crazy. 

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Fringe + yellow

"It’s not about fate…yours or mine. It’s about changing fate. It’s about hope. And protecting our children.

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#i’ll never forget that one theory why walter couldn’t remember astrid’s name #because he was responsible for the death of his former assistant and that’s something he never really forgave himself for #so his defence mechanism was to block astrid’s name from his brain #if he doesn’t know her name it’s not real #she won’t get hurt and he won’t have to deal with her loss eventually #so what if he’s the one who gets abner or athos or ascot in trouble #astrid will be fine #astrid will stay here #astrid won’t die (via wyndamwesley)