“everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed”

Finn Jones at Collectormania 2012

(This is the picture he points to, and this is the resulting autograph, jsyk)


#bravo finn bravo #and bravo to you too HBO #look at this flawless casting #just look at it #he has no lines #he is on screen for all of 5 seconds — helmetless i mean — and yet every part of him is loras #that ladies and gentlemen is an actor #look at his face; look at the slant of his shoulders and the way he wears his dead lover’s armour #finn removes a helmet and breathes and is loras#disgusted by everything going on around him; he wants to shout and tell everyone they are awful and is having a crap time cos renly’s dead #but he doesn’t #he remains silent and heartbroken and angry #but there’s also something else about him #pride in what he has done — riding through on his horse and cutting people down the way he did #because he wore renly’s armour #renly’s armour — that one bit of him he has been allowed keep since his death #and we know no matter what loras will love him #even when he’s hacking people to death and being disgusted with everyone #and even when finn has no lines and is on screen to remove a helmet and breathe heavily #because every part of him is loras #all the awards for finn jones standing around helmetless and breathing #gif #game of thrones

but wiser men knew better






ASOIAF Challenge
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“Love is poison. A sweet poison, yes, but it will kill you all the same.”